About Us

Vision Statement

Our vision is a future where the hog industry is a sustainable and prosperous industry in New Brunswick. 

Mission Statement

The mission of Porc NB Pork is to assist New Brunswick hog producers in developing a sustainable and prosperous hog industry.


Subject to its Mission Statement and the Natural Products Act and Regulations, Porc NB Pork assumes the following mandate:

  1. To act as the voice of N.B. hog producers by
    1. Recommending legislation and regulations.
    2. Recommending the adoption of strategies, policies, programs and standards conducive to the development of the Hog Production Sector in New Brunswick.
    3. Establishing partnerships and networks.
    4. Ensuring a positive public image of the NB Hog Production Sector.
  2. To assist producers in the marketing of their hogs.
  3. To encourage the development of the professional and technical competencies of hog producers.
  4. To promote the production of high quality hogs in New Brunswick.
  5. To promote the consumption and use of hog products.
  6. To encourage research activities relevant to the Hog Industry and its products.
  7. To manage the operations and the resources of the Board.